Film Production Team

                                                                 Production Team

Written, produced & directed by Evelyn Neaman and Stephen Herman 

Cinematography: Stephen Herman & Evelyn Neaman 

Narration: Stephen Herman 

Special location cinematography: Rolinda Kirton (Guyana, South America) Nancy Griffith-Zahner (Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada)

Interviews: Evelyn Neaman 

Editing: Steve Herman and Evelyn Neaman

Story editing: Hannah Siden 

Associate Editors:  Anita Ghatak and Jason Margolus

Post production: Stephen Herman

 Original graphic art: Liam Fitzmaurice & Charles J. Herman

We are proud to disclose that this is a completely self funded, not for profit film project. 

Stephen Herman (He/Him) 

 A Civil Litigator and Amateur Documentary Filmmaker

Stephen Herman is a civil litigator based in Vancouver, Canada with over 35 years of experience. He is currently transitioning from full-time to a part-time practice. Stephen has conducted seminars and webinars for lawyers on retirement preparation since 2014.

He is also an amateur documentary filmmaker, with a passion for criminal justice reform and has produced documentaries for projects in Ethiopia, Central America, Guyana, and Vietnam.

His latest documentary, "Retirement on Trial," follows his journey as a lawyer who sets out to make a film about his struggle in preparing himself and his colleagues for the significant psychological transition of retirement. The documentary is being showcased at legal conferences and private events throughout North America.

Evelyn Neaman (She/her)

                 Film Producer, Director of Events and Distribution, Justice Lab Productions

Evelyn Neaman and Stephen Herman co-produced, wrote, and directed the documentary, Retirement on Trial. Drawing from her background in cultural anthropology and education, this film project enables Evelyn to guide audiences through exploring the diverse perspectives on the "culture of retirement." 

Evelyn Neaman is an accomplished leader in program management with 30 years of experience with the Justice Education Society, a Canadian non-profit focused on access to justice and justice reform projects. Based in Vancouver, Canada, she has overseen projects working with the public, the judiciary, prosecutors, and police in Canada, Ethiopia, Guyana, Central America, and Vietnam. She has produced several documentaries and success stories on these projects.